Buena Vista, Colorado

Monday – Friday
9:00 am – 6:00 pm

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The Buena Vista Public Library (BVPL) seeks to provide a safe, comfortable environment in order to promote a worthwhile and satisfying library experience. Library customers are expected to follow all library policies, including this Patron Code of Conduct. Violation of these policies may result in the patron being asked to leave library property and/or loss of use privileges.

BVPL expects library customers/patrons to abide by all federal, state and local laws while at the library. The Director or her designee is authorized to call local law enforcement officials and report suspected violations of law.

BVPL expects library customers to observe normal rules of common courtesy. Library customers who are not courteous to staff, or other customers will be asked to stop their discourteous behavior or leave library property.

Prohibited activities at the Buena Vista Public Library include but are not limited to:

  • Engaging in any behavior that jeopardizes the health, safety, or well-being of customers or staff
  • Bringing in concealed weapons not legally licensed and permitted, or openly displaying weapons (except by law enforcement officials)
  • Dispensing chemicals or noxious substances including, but not limited to, mace pepper spray, stink bombs, and tear gas
  • Abandoning or leaving children younger than 12 unattended on library property
  • Vandalizing library facilities, equipment, or materials
  • Littering on library property
  • Smoking or other tobacco use within the building, or in such a manner as to impede entrance and egress from the front door area
  • Removing library materials from the building without checking them out
  • Harassing customers or staff
  • Customers must wear a shirt, pants (or some other appropriate clothing), and shoes in the library
  • Distributing leaflets or posting notices not authorized by the library administration
  • Panhandling, loitering, selling or soliciting customers or staff
  • Eating except during designated events, or drinking from uncovered containers
  • Bathing, shaving or washing clothes
  • Possessing, or using alcohol, marijuana, or illegal drugs

The Buena Vista Public Library welcomes and encourages children and their families to use materials and services of the library. As libraries are essential to the lives of children, we strive to provide useful, safe and inviting space for youth. However, neither the library nor its staff members act “in loco parentis” (in place of parents). The library is a public facility that is open to everyone. With that in mind, parents and caregivers are expected to follow the following policy regarding accompanying minors in the library”

  • Children ages 0 through 7 must be directly supervised, and in view of a caregiver, guardian, or parent at all times while on library property.
  • Children ages 8 through 11 must have a caregiver, guardian or parent present and available to address the child’s needs on library property during which times the child is present.

If an unattended child appears to be lost, is being disruptive, or if in the judgement of supervisory staff, is believed to be in physical jeopardy, staff will make an attempt to locate the caregiver. If a caregiver, guardian, or parent cannot be located, the child may be placed in the care of local law enforcement. Library staff will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for determining whether an apparent caregiver, custodian or parent is a legally authorized caregiver, custodian or custodial parent of the child. Library staff cannot provide childcare or assume responsibility for child safety.

Children 12 through 17 years of age are welcome to use library facilities under their own supervision; however, under no circumstances are the library, or library staff, responsible for monitoring the behavior, whereabouts or presence of minors left unsupervised on library property.  The Patron Privacy Act prohibits library staff from discussing patron presence on library property in-person, by phone, or via email unless requested by legal warrant.

Restricted Use of Children’s Areas

The children’s area of the library is designed for the use of children, their families and caregivers. Use of the children’s area by adults who are not parents, guardians, teachers, caregivers or people researching children’s literature may be restricted to ensure that children and their families have adequate access to the resources provided specifically for them.

The Buena Vista Public Library provides computers and Internet access to meet educational and recreational needs of our patrons and visitors.

User of the Buena Vista Public Library’s computers and web services agree to the following:

  • Access to computers is on a first-come, first-serve basis unless patrons reserve a session with PC Reservation system
  • Users must login through library software which requires either a library card number or a guest pass
  • In the event that patrons or guests are waiting for an available public computer, individual users will be limited to a maximum 2 hours on the computer
  • Users may not install or uninstall software or otherwise modify library computers. Anyone who misuses the equipment or disregards this agreement may lose user privileges.
  • Users may save files only to a removable USB memory stick. The library is not responsible for any liability that may occur as a result of the disclosure of financial or other personal information while accessing the library computers
  • Black and white printing is available at a cost of $.10 per page unless the printing is specifically for job hunting (such as resumes, cover letters, applications), school work to be submitted to an instructor, or research (limit 10 pages per patron per day). Users will be responsible for printing “mistakes” and should ask for assistance if unsure how a “page” will print.
  • The computer area is often busy. Users agree to set their cell phone ringers to silent or vibrate. Please make and receive phone calls either in the library lobby or outside in the sunshine.
  • Library staff has the right to deem obscene or offensive websites as inappropriate for public viewing. Users agree to shut down immediately any website deemed inappropriate by library staff.

The Buena Vista Public Library has no control over information accessed through the Internet, the availability of web resources, or the speed at which information uploads and/or downloads.  All Internet use is made at the user’s risk. Access is offered as a privilege granted to users on the basis of their ability to use the network resources responsibly and in the manner outlined in the Library’s Internet Use Policy.

As staff is available, assistance with programs (such as Microsoft Word, email, etc.) is provided. Priority is given to patrons needing assistance with locating resources vs. instruction regarding computer use. Instruction with computer use can be intensive and under no circumstances will staff input personal patron information via library computers. Instruction regarding computer use is a scheduled service provided by specific staff members, and may not be available during all library hours.

The Library assumes no responsibility for the use of the Internet by minor children. It is the responsibility of the user (or parent or guardian) to determine what access is appropriate for the user. The Library public computers do have a purchased filter program. It is purchased and updated by an outside vendor, and is in compliance with Colorado’s 2004 Internet Protection in Public Libraries (C.R.S. 24-90-601) law which mandates Internet access be filtered for customers under the age of 17. It requires that public libraries adopt and enforce reasonable policies of Internet safety that are consistent with the federal “Children’s Internet Protection Act,” as amended, (P.L. No. 106-554 – PDF). If an unacceptable site is found, the user should notify staff.

While respecting an individual user’s right to privacy, staff has the right to monitor use of computer workstations with public view.

Unacceptable use includes, but is not limited, to the following:

Display of sexually explicit images on the monitors

Illegal activities, including access to unauthorized accounts, obscene materials, and online gambling

Violation of copyright laws

Any attempts to violate network security, to change the settings or permissions of the computer, or to download/install software or materials not authorized by library administration


The Buena Vista Public Library is grateful for gifts, and its collection has been enriched by donations of materials as well as monetary contributions. Through donors, the library has been able to acquire materials that could not have been purchased otherwise.

Donation of Books and Audio Visual Materials

In accepting a gift of materials, the library reserves the privilege of deciding whether items donated should be added to the collection. Donations are limited to 10 items per household, and the library reserves the right to dispose of the materials in the manner best suited to library needs. At this time, the library only accepts donations of Hardback fiction books, and/or DVD’s that are less than 3 years past their publication date. Due to lack of storage, staff time, and cost to income ratio, the library does not hold an annual book sale. Please do not leave items during hours the library is closed.

Gift Book Program

The Library welcomes monetary contributions specifically for book purchases in memorial to or in honor of named individuals. So that the Library can properly honor the gift, a special form to record the information is available and must be completed. Please contact us at (719) 395-8700 for further details.

Donation of Art Objects and Related Materials

Although such gifts are usually welcomed and valued, final decision on their acceptance rests with the Library Director and the Library Board of Trustees.

Other Types of Donations

The Library welcomes cash contributions, gifts of real property, stocks, and bonds.  Decisions regarding how such donations are utilized are the sole discretion of the Library Director and the Library Board of Trustees.  Although it is uncommon, there may be occasions in which the restrictions set by a donor make it impossible for the library to accept the contribution. All donations are subject to the approval of the Library Director with the backing of the Library Board of Trustees.

Use of Gifts

All gifts are accepted with the understanding that it may someday be necessary that they be sold or disposed of in the best interest of the library. The Library cannot commit itself to perpetually housing a donation.

Income Tax Statements

The Library cannot appraise the value of a donation of materials or art. It will, however, issue the donor a letter acknowledging the donation. It is the donor’s decision whether he or she will determine the value of the donation or utilize an independent appraiser. While the gifts to the Library as a governmental unit qualify as tax-deductible, the donor will have to consider the particular circumstances of his or her situation for the specific effect.


Unless the Library Board of Trustees has specifically adopted an agreement to do so, donations can be accepted unless it is given to the Library without restrictions.

All gifts may be used, sold, or disposed of in the best interest of the library. All donations are accepted only if, in the opinion of the Library Director and the Library Board of Trustees, they are in the best interests of the library. A Gift Agreement Form must be signed by the donor and approved by the Library Director for unrestricted gifts and the Library Board of Trustees for restricted gifts.



  1. Any person (age 18+) who lives, owns property, works, or attends school within the Northern Chaffee County Library District, and can show documentation of the same, along with either a photo ID or other form of approved identification is eligible for a free library card. Residents of the Southern Chaffee County Library District, Park and Lake Counties qualify for free library cards under the same terms. A newly-issued library card is valid for 2 years. When a card has expired, each patrons must contact the library to reaffirm verification of eligibility.
  2. Non-residents: Adults who do not live, own property, work, or attend school in the above listed qualifying locations are eligible for a non-resident card. Proof of address as well as either photo ID, or other form of approved ID is required. A non-resident card is valid for 6 months and costs $10.
  3. Colorado residents: Adults who can show proof of Colorado address and hold a library card from a library district outside of the Northern Chaffee County Library District can obtain a library account. Cards are good for 6 months; the $10 fee is waived.


  1. Any minor under the age of 18 may have a card in his/her own name. A custodial parent, or legal guardian must provide either a photo ID, or other form of approved ID as well as address documentation to register the minor for a library account for which that adult takes full legal and financial responsibility.
  2. Both the minor and the responsible adult’s addresses will be entered into the record. Notices for items on the child’s card go to the responsible adult’s address. Juvenile cards are valid for 2 years, and must be eligibility affirmed upon renewal.


  1. A library card in good standing may be used to check out library materials, to place holds on library materials, to access digital resources available through the library’s website, and to use library computers. In lieu of the physical card, patrons may show a photo ID, recite their library card number, or show the library bar code stored in a smart phone accompanied by verbal verification of addition information. To access information about your account online, please visit My Account.
  2. Replacement cards are available with proof of identity. Children under 18 must be accompanied by the responsible adult on the account to obtain a replacement card. A charge of $1.00 will be levied on all replacement cards – staff are permitted to assign this charge to the patrons account for later payment.





Type of Materials Loan Period Limit per card



BOOKS 21 DAYS 50 Items Renewals allowed as long as no hold on item
AUDIOBOOKS 21 DAYS Limit 8 Renewals allowed as long as no hold on item
DVD 21 DAYS Limit 8 1 renewal allowed as long as no hold on item
MAGAZINES 21 DAYS 20 per card Renewals allowed as long as no hold on item
STATE PARK PACKS 21 DAYS 1 per card Renewals allowed as long as no hold on item


Card holders are responsible for lost, damaged and/or non-returned items. Items are billed to the account 30 days after the last due date. Patrons can contact the Circulation Manager with questions.

 Lost items may be replaced with a NEW, IDENTICAL copy provided by the patron, otherwise lost or damaged items are billed at the current replacement cost. All card holders may contact a member of library management to discuss library account disputes.



  1. Library materials not currently available from the Buena Vista Public Library may be borrowed from libraries within the Marmot Library Network. To access these materials, patrons can either search for an item in the library on-line catalog (PIKA) or call the library for assistance (719) 395-8700. Check out, limits and fines on ILL items are the same as BVPL owned items, however because the library is borrowing the item on behalf of our patrons, renewals are subject to the home library’s rules. Please keep in mind that these items do not belong to this library and we all suffer when items are not returned on time.
  2. Items not currently available through the Marmot Library Network of libraries can be requested through the BVPL secondary ILL system SWIFT. Please call the library for assistance with these items (719) 395-8700. Borrowing rules and policies are subject to the lending library’s policies.




.10 cents per page for black/white or for printing from computers

No wireless printing is currently available. Patrons may access documents through their own personal email, and/or from a USB drive for printing.

Scanning documents is 10 cents per page and may be emailed to a valid address or stored on a USB drive.


There is no fee for proctoring exams. Test takers are responsible for notifying the home institution regarding testing instructions and/or obtaining access passwords. Please use kjohnson@buenavistalibrary.org as the proctor email address. Exams need to be scheduled at least one week in advance to ensure adequate staff availability. Proctor requests shorter than 5 business days in advance are not guaranteed availability.

Conference Room Use

The Buena Vista Public Library welcomes the use of its meeting room for meetings, lectures and other gatherings. The goal of this policy is to provide wide access to the meeting room on a first-come, first-served basis to as many citizens as possible. The room is available on a reserved-only basis by government agencies, non-profit organizations, and groups engaged in educational, civic, cultural, intellectual and charitable activities.

The meeting room is available to all citizens of Chaffee County on equal terms regardless of opinion or affiliation. Permission granted to meet in the library meeting room in no way constitutes endorsement by the library or staff of the policies or beliefs of any group or organization. Neither claim to that effect nor claim to Library sponsorship may be used, explicitly or implicitly, in advertising. Neither the name nor address of the Library may be used as the official address or headquarters of an organization or group using the meeting room.

No fee will be charged for non-profit organization events that are free and open to the public. The following fee structure applies to groups or individuals using the room for commercial purposes:

$25.00 per 4 hours or less, or $50.00 per 5+ hours in a single day

The Library Director, or Circulation Manager, will review all requests for the meeting room’s use and determine eligibility prior to granting approval. Requests to reserve the meeting room are tentative until such confirmation is received by any interested party.


Reservations for the meeting room will be scheduled in order of request.

  • A reservation application must be made in advance of the event.

First priority in scheduling is reserved for library programming.

  • All meetings or gatherings in the space must end NO LATER than 10 minutes prior to library closing time, and may begin no sooner than the library’s regularly scheduled public opening.
  • The library reserves the right to limit the frequency of use of the room by any group or individual in order to accommodate as many community members as possible.
  • Reservations are taken up to 30 days in advance, or at the discretion of the Library Director and/or Circulation Manager.


  • Room occupancy is limited to 80 occupants (without furniture) or 40 occupants (including furniture).
  • No admission fees may be charged by groups using the meeting room.
  • Smoking is permitted outside in the designated area only.

The room is ADA compliant.

  • No organization or group using the meeting room can discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, or handicapped status while occupying the room.

The library is not responsible for items or equipment left in the library building before, during, or after an event.


  • The Buena Vista Public Library cannot be listed as a co-sponsor of any event without prior approval from the Library Director.
  • It is the responsibility of the group using the meeting room to obtain final confirmation/approval of room use prior to issuing invitations and promotional materials.
  • The library’s telephone number should not be listed in promotional literature.


  • Set-up and special arrangements are the responsibility of the user. The library is unable to offer furniture arrangements and/or room décor changes.
  • Tables and chairs are available for public use if the user sets up the furniture and returns the room to its original condition.

No tacks, nails or other alterations are permitted to furniture, walls, carpet, or ceiling panels.  Live flames and/or fire are not permitted in the space.


  • Refreshments may be served in the meeting room. There is a small sink and a refrigerator that may be utilized. Contents of the cupboards in the kitchen area are the property of the library and are not for public use.
  • All equipment needed for refreshments is the responsibility of the user.

If the carpet or furniture is soiled by spills, or other accidental mishap, the user agrees to notify library staff so that clean up can be initiated.

  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on library property.


Groups and individuals using the meeting room are responsible for returning the room to its original condition.

  • No storage of equipment or other items is available on library premises.

Damages to library property by the using organization, it members, affiliated persons, guests, invitees, or licensees shall be the financial responsibility of the group reserving the room.

All users agree to pay for any necessary repairs/replacements needed as a result of damages occurring during their use of the space.


  • Appropriate conduct is expected as a condition of room use. Please refer to the Library’s Patron Code of Conduct for guidelines and expectations.

The Library and staff are unable to provide childcare services. Please refer to the Safe Child Guidelines for the library’s policy on unattended children on library property.

Conference Room Application PDF

Conference Room Policy PDF