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Buena Vista, Colorado

Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

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Open Board of Trustees Postition

Library Trustee Role Description
The Northern Chaffee County Regional Library District provides library services to residents and guests within the northern half of Chaffee County, CO. Doing business as the Buena Vista Public Library, established in 1887, the Library operates as a Colorado Special District, a subdivision of the State. It’s governing board of trustees are tasked with the following responsibilities:
• Has fiscal and legal responsibility for the control and management of the library

• Has authority to make policy

• Hires/fires the library director

• Has all the powers enumerated in §24-90-109, C.R.S.
Duties of Trustees (See §24-90-109, C.R.S.)
1. Adopt library policies and bylaws for, and participation in all board meetings.

2. Cause management of library property.

3. Employ a highly qualified library director. Empower him/her to manage the day-to-day operation of the library. Evaluate the director’s performance annually.

4. Secure adequate funding and practice responsible fiscal management of the public money.

5. Have authority to enter into contracts.

6. Maintain a current map of library service area (library districts only).

7. File annual report with the State Library (statistics).

8. Plan for the future of the library. Monitor and evaluate the overall effectiveness of the library.

9. Promote library services and advocate for the library in the community.

Public library boards and trustees play an essential role in shaping the public image of the library. Trustees are among the library’s most influential representatives in the community.

The effective trustee will achieve the following:

• Understand and be able to articulate the library’s mission.

• Be familiar with and support the library services and programs.

• Keep the lines of communication open between the trustees, the director, the community, and local government officials.

• Foster community involvement with the library.

• Maintain a positive relationship with the Friends of the Library and/or Library Foundation.

• Understand community needs, library capabilities, and the necessity to plan carefully for future library services.

• Never miss an opportunity/occasion to build goodwill for the library.

• Participate in local and statewide advocacy, stressing the importance of public libraries in today’s information-rich society.

• Focus on policies and practices that permit a well-run library, not on running the library and staff.

The Library Board of Trustees meets regularly the fourth Tuesday of every odd-numbered month at 5:00 p.m. at the Library. Special session for timely matters or business, though rare, may be called with ample notice. Library Trustees serve a three-year term and are eligible for a second term. The term begins January 1.

Letters of applications for the vacancy may be directed to Board of Trustee President, PO Box 2019, Buena Vista, CO 81236, or to Applications must be received by the library on or prior to November 1, 2020. If a candidate has questions or requires additional information, please contact Board President Holly Blitstein at or Library Director Cecilia LaFrance, at 719-395-8700, or email